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Woodhouse creates a symbiosis of jazz, hip-hop, R&B, and neo-soul, resulting is an energetic music experience; an invitation to let the head nod and the body move in harmonious sync with the band’s pulsating rhythms.

As the winner of the Jazz6000 Audience Award, Woodhouse guides listeners into a hypnotizing odd-time-hip-hop universe where balkan-inspired saxophone tones, powerful bass lines, and dreamy keys are united. An energetic tour de force awaits the audience, presented by a band that has infused modern Danish jazz with a fresh and vibrant new power dimension.

Woodhouse is the brainchild of drummer Christoffer Skovhus, whose compositions draw inspiration from the emerging waves of British modern jazz.


Christoffer Skovhus – Drums
Thomas Occhionero – Sax
Jakob Nissen – Keys
Jakob Jakobsen – Bass

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